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Edward Morris 1966   Today

About Edward: After graduation form LHW, Ed enrolled at the University of Michigan - Ann Arbor, earning a BA degree in English. He pursued his love of music by playing drums for a couple of bands during his first year of college. Always having wanted to become a dentist since childhood, Ed was accepted into UM's dental school in 1970. After one year of dental school, Ed married his long-time high school sweetheart Judy Fabis. They moved to Ann Arbor and Judy supported Ed through his remaining dental school years by working as an executive secretary at the Ford Motor Company in Ypsilanti.

In 1974 they moved to Belleville, MI (20 miles East of Ann Arbor), where Ed bought a dental practice. In 1975 they were blessed with their first child, daughter Keri, and in 1978 they had their second and last child, son Jeff. Ed practiced family dentistry for 27 years.

On August 31, 2001, there was a tragic turn of events in Ed's life. His heart's mitral valve began to malfunction and open heart surgery was necessary to repair or replace the valve. The surgery was at first successful, but he started to bleed internally during recovery. Long story short, Ed's optic nerves were deprived of oxygen and were damaged beyond repair. Ed is now blind and partially deaf. In addition, the heart was damaged so severely during surgery that a heart transplant became necessary which he had done in November 2001 at the UM Hospital. For the past 11 years Judy has been an excellent leader dog for Ed - never having pooped in the backyard, drunk out of the toilet, or slobbered up the windows. Judy retired from UM in 2010, and they recently celebrated their 41st anniversary. They've lived in the same home for 38 years and have attended and been active in the same Missouri Synod Lutheran church for 36 years. They have two precious granddaughters from Keri (Abi (2003) and Josi (2006). Ed's hobbies before his surgery included doing yard work, taking on building projects in and out of the house, and painting flames on cars, boats, motorcycle helmets and lawn tractors. He also enjoyed showing his Autorama-award-winning '23 Ford Street Rod. Ed still enjoys listening to all sports (Go Blue!) in addition to 60s and 80s heavy metal music (Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, etc.).

Message to Classmates: Realize that every day is a gift from God, and we should use it to glorify Him and tell others about Jesus's wonderful love.

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