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About Michael: Mike was born and raised in Detroit. He was a member of Holy Cross Church and a graduate of its grade school. After graduating from Lutheran West, he attended Ferris State in the summer semester but was not accepted for the September semester. Mike transferred to Detroit College of Business (DCB) to maintain his military deferment and in October 1966 was accepted into the United States Naval Reserves. He began working at Sears and within a few months his father had a stroke. This was a scary time because his dad traveled the entire lower part of Michigan for a company out of Chicago. In October 1968, Mike went on active duty for one year in Viet Nam for Naval Land Support and was honorably discharged early, as were many others, thanks to President Nixon.

After completion of his military service, Mike returned to Sears. At the same time, his father tried to encourage Mike to work with him. Mike enrolled in an accredited Sales Training Inc. class for 18 months and Dale Carnegie. Meanwhile, Mike moved from the stock room at Sears to the sales floor. That's where he met his wife, Marcellina Azzopardi, from Malta. Subsequently, he left Sears to work with his father, joining his dad to learn the ropes of that business.

Marcie and Mike were married on May 31, 1974. They have two sons, Jason (1975), a Regional Vice President of Business Banking at PNC Bank, and Jeffrey (1977), an Assistant Director Finance Department/ObamaCare at Blue Cross/Blue Shield and a Michigan CPA. In May 2013, within a one week span, both sons moved into new homes in Canton.

After his father's passing, Mike suddenly became District Manager and continued with the company for a total of 21 years. For you automotive mechanics, the company manufactured and sold Tire Changers, Wheel Balancers, Brake Lathes, Wheel Alignment, and Above-ground car hoists. After the company was bought out and downsized, Mike left and has since worked for three other companies. He is currently employed at Vintage Wine Company in Roseville, Michigan, a full service distributor on premise and off premise. The company's website is www.vintagewinemi.com.

Marcie and Mike have lived in Canton, Michigan, since May 1977, in the city where they raised their two sons. They have a grandson who was born in September 2007 and four granddaughters. Marcie is currently employed as an event set-up manager at Burton Manor in Livonia.

Hobbies change over the years and, as the family grows, Mike and Marcie have become very busy. Currently, Mike is renovating the family room. The walls are being stripped down to the studs so that he can do the electrical and run cable. Marcie has informed him that the new 3D Flat Screen Smart 50-inch TV that he won in a sales contest this past Christmas won't be going up unless the family room is done. Have you guys ever heard of such a thing before!?!?

Message to Classmates: God bless you all. I hope to see you at our reunion in the park this summer.

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