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Paul Loeber 1966   Today
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About Paul: Paul lives in Taylor, Michigan, with his wife, Tricia (Haener) Loeber. Paul has three daughters - Lorie Toutant (1969), Tammy Germain (1972) and Jolene Halas (1976) and four grandsons - Bradley Witmer (1991), Harris Hubbard III (1994), Anthony Germain (2006) and Gavin Halas (2014).

Paul earned a BBA in Accounting and an MBA, both from Eastern Michigan University. In 1977 he became a CPA. Between 1981 and 1984, Paul earned three certifications from the ICCP (Institute for the Certification of Computer Professionals) - CDP (Certificate in Data Processing), CCP (Certified Computing Professional) and CSP (Certified Systems Professional).

Paul worked for General Motors Corporation while attending college. After graduating from EMU, he worked (Junior and Senior Accountant) in the audit department of Touche Ross (now Deloitte Touche), American Sunroof Corporation (Assistant Corporate Controller), National Steel Corporation (Mill Accounting Supervisor) and IT&T (Internal Audit Supervisor) before accepting a teaching position with WCCC in 1980. In 1992, he was appointed head of the business studies department, a position he held until 1997, when he was appointed campus provost. In 2001, he retired after more than twenty years at the college.

Paul always seemed to have sideline business ventures while working at the college. In the early eighties, he developed and authored or co-authored several video games for the Commodore-64 and Atari 400/800 personal computers. In the mid-to-late eighties, years before the introduction of commercial ISPs, he co-authored an early computer bulletin board system. At the peak of its popularity, it was used by over one thousand computer systems worldwide.

In 1995, Paul founded another sideline business - an entertainment company now known as Entertainment Superstars. It flourished, and in 2003 he created a second entertainment company, Motown Legends. Today, Motown Legends is the management company for the former Motown group, The Contours, and the booking agency for many former Motown (and several non-Motown) acts.

Although hardly an athlete in high school (one year JV wrestling) or college, in the late 1970's a love of high calorie foods and a changing metabolism forced Paul to begin long distance running. Between 1978 and 1994, he competed in over a hundred road races, including five marathons. The ravages of age have forced a change and long runs have been replaced with long walks and much shorter runs. Thanks in part to some help from the podiatrist Judy Raitz Ikonen works for, in 2014 he resumed competitive racing at the 5K distance. Since mid-June 2014 he has run 24 5K races, medaling in his age group in all but one, including 18 first place finishes. (Of course, there's a lot less competition in the 60-69 age group. However, in two races there was some serious competition - Gary Ebendick [LHSW class of 1965] - who took first in both.) Paul's hobbies include other forms of exercise, attending live music and sports events, cruising, spending time with family and working on our 50-year reunion. He also spends way too much time watching television and on social media sites such as facebook.

Message to Classmates: It's been my pleasure to serve on our reunion committee. Words cannot express the enjoyment I've experienced already reconnecting with so many of you over the telephone, by email, over facebook and in-person. Our informal reunions in August 2013, 2014 and 2015 were so much fun. I can't wait for the BIG reunion in 2016. THAT will be a PARTY you don't want to miss! I hope everyone is able to come and I get an opportunity to spend some time with every one of you.

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