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Roy Kronsbein 1966
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After graduation from LHW, Roy worked with his brother Gordon (12 years his senior) at Pinkerton Security Systems, Detroit. His brother was an installer of fire and burglar systems, and Roy was his helper. This summer 1966 job kept him busy until fall when he would enter university studies. He had wonderful experiences while installing fire and burglar systems, working in the homes (mansions) of and meeting such notary individuals as Donald Gilmore and John Fetzer, owner of the Detroit Tigers (1961-early 1980's).  Donald Gilmore had Roy drive and give him a ride in his Stanley Steamer. The very car Roy drove 50 years ago is now on display in the Gilmore Museum. Visit the museum, it is a fascinating place! John Fetzer sat in his home office executive chair as Roy watched him communicate via closed-circuit TV with the Tiger Stadium dugout during a game. Remember it was 1966….Roy watched and listened to him talk to the players and coaches as the game was going on – a technological marvel to Roy. Great memories!

In the Fall of 1966, Roy became a freshman Teacher Education student at Concordia University, St. Paul, Minnesota. Ronald Schaar and Roy sat next to each other on the Northwest Flight from Detroit to the Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport. They took a cab to the campus. "What did we get ourselves into?" as they exited the cab – new adventures were about to unfold.

At Concordia, Roy had hoped to major in Music performance [organ]. The famous organist and composer Dr. Paul Manz was the Music Department Chair. However, after a short time on campus, Roy switched his major to Art. There was no doubt then or now that a major in Art is far more suited to his passions and interests. St. Paul campus life was enormously fun-filled and fulfilling. As an Art Major, with an interest in Liturgical Arts, he designed various altar frontals as well as accompanying pulpit/lectern falls. Ten of his processional banners toured America sponsored by, at that time, AAL [Aid Association for Lutherans]. As an Art Major, Roy fell in love with Art History. His professor insisted that he become (and he did become) a docent at the Minneapolis Gallery of Art. Roy lead tours for two years. By surprise, his art history professor joined a tour one evening to assist her in grading his learning. Roy is most thankful for his Art Education Major which is part and parcel of his teacher education and certifications. His greatest blessing while at Concordia-St. Paul was meeting and falling in love with Nancy Jean Schuhmacher of Alexandria, Minnesota.

After his 1970 Concordia graduation, with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Education one would have guessed that he would be one of the lucky grads to receive a call to be a teacher within the LC-MS. Not so! He withdrew his name for a teaching position and, in the fall of 1970, headed to the Theological Seminary of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod in Springfield, Illinois. Keep in mind, he went to Springfield, and Nancy had one more year at Concordia-St. Paul. He went to the seminary having become captivated by a marvelous theology professor at Concordia-St. Paul who aroused his interests in Systematic Theology [the Biblical Teachings that become our systemically presented doctrines].  

But before he went off to the Seminary, he enrolled in a post-graduate class at Concordia-St. Paul, a four credit course in European Art and Music. So during the summer of 1970 he toured nine countries with rigorous classroom studies in such places as The Rijks Museum in Amsterdam, Netherlands, The Pergamon Museum in Berlin, Germany, and The Louvre in Paris, France to name a few. The weeks abroad were an Art Major's dream come true!

As Fall 1970 arrived, he packed up and moved to the Springfield, Illinois Seminary. Surprise! At the end of his first year at the seminary, Nancy graduated and received a call to be a teacher in Litchfield, Illinois. Litchfield is South of Springfield. Super! They are geographically back together again!!!! But not for long.

While in his first year at the Springfield Seminary, while Nancy was still a student at Concordia, Roy made a trip to Concordia-St. Paul so that Nancy and he could attend a special concert on campus. While Nancy was in class, Roy visited with several of his professors and also one of the professors in the Education Placement Office. He just went in to say hello and to catch up. By the time he left Dr. Meyer's office, Roy had shared his interest in becoming a teacher in a textbookless school in Eudunda, South Australia. Once again, he left his precious Nancy, this time in Litchfield. He left for Australia in January 1972 to become the 5th 6th and 7th grade teacher. He had all three grades in one large classroom – a total of 50 students – all day – all subjects. He also served as assistant principal. In Australia, the assistant principal is called the Deputy Headmaster. Before leaving for Australia, Nancy and Roy became engaged. The love of his life was again at a distance – but not for long.

The school year in Australia runs from February 1st to Christmas holiday. At the end of his first year in Australia, and having written some 400 letters to Nancy, Roy returned to America. They were married December 30, 1972. Their 28 day honeymoon took them from their Minnesota wedding to Detroit, to New York, to London, to Germany, to Rome, to Greece, to Hong Kong, to Australia. Nancy became the 3rd and 4th grade teacher in the room adjoining his. They were at last together again and have been for forty-four years come December 2016! God is Great! Nancy taught in Australia for two years and Roy completed three. They returned to America in December 1974 to celebrate Roy's father's 75th birthday on December 19th, and also to start a family in a country and town with far better doctors and fully equipped hospitals. They have four grown children. Gretchen is a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Peter is a Pilot Captain with United, Hans is a Partner with Plante & Moran, and Nickolas is the General Manager of two related mega recycling/trucking companies. They have five grandchildren: Peter and Darcy have Kayden and Keegan, Hans and Michelle have Quinn, and Nickolas and Candice have Ava and Alexis. God has and continues to richly bless them in so very many ways and means!

Upon returning to America in December 1974, Roy took a 7th & 8th grade teaching position at Trinity Lutheran School in Warren, Michigan, filling a position vacated by a teacher mid-year.   Roy then accepted the call to be the Media Specialist at Lutheran High School East, Harper Woods, Michigan. Roy received his Master of Science in Library Science Degree from Wayne State University in 1977, the same library school that Pastor Dequin [LHW] attended for his Masters and Doctorate.

After serving from 1975-1979 at Lutheran High East, Roy received a call to become a Professor at Concordia University-Ann Arbor, Michigan. Roy served as Professor of Education, Director of the University Library and taught Art History. He also taught in Concordia's Human Resource Administration Department, working with "returning" degree completing adults doing Business Plan Research for the business in which they were concurrently employed.  While at Concordia-Ann Arbor, He started his Ph.D studies in Library and Information Science at the University of Michigan. And if he wasn't busy enough, he studied German at Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti, Michigan. During the summer of 1987, Roy and his German professor traveled to the Goethe Institut located in Vienna, Austria for six weeks, where Roy further studied German.

After leaving Concordia, Ann Arbor in 1990, Roy became the Called and Ordained Pastor at Victory Lutheran Church in Novi, Michigan. Roy, in order to pay the bills, has been a Selling Specialist at J.C. Penney, Novi – Fine Jewelry Department, the Director of the Library Technical Assistant Program at Oakland Community College's two campuses and also an Account Executive at Management Recruiter in Livonia, Michigan. Roy is currently Media Specialist and Director of Library and Information Services at Detroit Catholic Central High School, Novi, Michigan.

No rest for the wicked!

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