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Shari-Lynn Lloyd's High School Photo Shari-Lynn Lloyd Shari-Lynn Lloyd's Current Photo
Shari-Lynn Lloyd 1966

About Shari: She is married to Rick Stock and they have one daughter. In 2010, they were blessed with a granddaughter and in September, 2012, they will have a grandson. Shari and Rick retired in the early 2000s when there was an early retirement program offered by the State of Michigan where they both were working. Shari worked as the Human Resource Director at the Center for Forensic Psychiatry in Milan, Michigan and her husband worked as a Deputy Warden at the Western Wayne Facility in Plymouth. In Michigan, they lived in the Ann Arbor area with their last home in a subdivision that surrounded the Ann Arbor County Club. Shari does not golf but her husband does. They loved the home and the area but they hated the winter weather in Michigan.

After retirement, they relocated to Vero Beach, Florida on a full-time basis in 2005. It is a small east coast city and not a tourist destination. The weather is fantastic. When she first came to Florida, Shari volunteered in several different positions, one as the Board President at a condo association. Later, they hired her to manage the condo association and she worked there for four years. Shari is now completely retired but still does some volunteer work with the senior population, some gardening and travel.

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