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Kaye Sherron 1966 Kaye Sherron Kaye Sherron Today
Kaye Sherron 1966   Today

About Kaye: After graduating from LHW (with a great bunch "kids") Kaye went to work as a statistical typist at R.L. Polk & Company where she remained for five years.

In January of 1969, she married one of her classmates, Karl Braun. They were together for over four decades! Where has the time gone? During their time together, they produced one of their finest accomplishments, their son Kirk. Kirk, born in 1977, is single, owns his own home and is a certified Pharmacy Tech for Diplomat Pharmacy Services of Flint (worldwide). They waited a long time for him to come into their lives, but he was well worth the wait.

Kaye has worked for a catering company, volunteered as the Church extension Stamp lady for 10 years, worked at their home church of Evergreen (Detroit) as the latchkey coordinator, and church secretary. After living in Detroit all of their lives, in 1991 they were moved to Flushing, Michigan as the result of Karl's work. Kaye then went to work for a small print shop/shipping company.

In 1998, Kaye became a diabetic. After a few years, diabetes took a toll on her vision and forced her to stop working. Kaye eventually lost the vision in her right eye and had blurriness in her left.

Kaye and Karl camped throughout the eastern U.S. and Canada. In 1987, they purchased a cabin in the woods in Lewiston, Michigan. After Kaye and Karl retired, they enjoyed spending most of the summer at the cabin.

They remained active in their two Churches, Holy Cross in Flushing and their summer church, Bethlehem in Lewiston.

In January 2014, Kaye was hospitalized for pneumonia. In February, she underwent open heart surgery at U of M Hospital to open blocked arteries and to replace some heart valves. On March 7, 2014, while still in the hospital recovering from her surgery, Kaye passed away.

Message to Classmates: My thought for all of you is, to keep God in your lives and He will keep you together.

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